DDC announces global launch of the Abbrazzio range

Dortmund, Germany , 13 Nov., 2012 – Digital Data Communications GmbH (DDC) today announced the launch of Abbrazzio, a range of sophisticated IT accessories which cater to the modern professional.

DDC is targeting the niche between expensive boutique brands and the large range of generic products currently available. Abbrazzio’s range will offer high quality, stylish designs at reasonable prices.

Mr Gerben Romijn, CSO of the DDC Group, said: “The brand will fill the space in stores between the vast range of mass-produced products that essentially all look and function the same way, and those very top-end brands that tend to cost the earth.”

All Abbrazzio products are designed in Germany, and will be manufactured to European standards with top quality materials. Mr Romijn said: “The designer is very much hands-on in the IT industry in Europe, so he understands what is expected of high-performing, modern accessories. The quality of Abbrazzio’s offering will set their products apart from others in the market, and the clever, sophisticated designs really make them stand out from the crowd.”

While Abbrazzio is a unisex brand, the designs are aimed to appeal to female professionals as much as males – an area that has been neglected in the past.

DDC aims to send a lean, quality product into the marketplace, in an effort to keep prices down for resellers.

“We’re keeping all the overheads in the actual design and production of each item, so we can offer them to resellers at real value,” says Romijn. “We’re not going out there with a huge, expensive global campaign, we really think the products will speak for themselves. We’re doing all we can to offer resellers the best product at the best value.”

 DDC will donate a percentage of each sale to a children’s charity. As Romijn says, “Why not feel good about buying yourself something special?”

Digital Data Communications Group is headquartered in Dortmund, Germany. The DDC Group operates branch offices in 20 countries and has a distribution network in more than 70 countries. Visit Abbrazzio online at


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