Bluetooth Keyboard
This Bluetooth Keyboard is perfectly compatible with your iPad or Tablets, quick connect and switch typing mode on your device anywhere at any time. Together with the sleeve performs double duty, it is portable and perfect fit keyboard case can be fold easily to morph into a tablet stand that enables tabletop placement an easel design for productivity and hands free viewing. This combination of sleeve and case is a convenient yet flexible and cost-effective solution for frequent business travelers. ABBRAZZIO makes a diversity of choices in colors and patterns to shine your taste.
Bluetooth Keyboard US version, sleeve ostrich navy
Bluetooth Keyboard DE version, sleeve ostrich navy
Stylus Pen
Stylus Pen
The German-engineered Abbrazzio stylus, available in a wide range of striking designs and colours, typifies the style and functionality of the whole Abbrazzio range. While looking elegant and classy, the stylus delivers faultless performance through an ultra-sensitive fibre writing tip. The 2-in-1 stylus acts as both a touch-pen and standard writing pen, with a quality ink fill made in Germany by Schmidt. With Abbrazzio’s high standards of quality and rugged design, the fibre tip of this 2-in-1 stylus pen will last up to forty times longer than a common rubber tip, delivering flawless writing whenever you need it, no matter what the situation.
Classic Stylus Pen, black
Classic Stylus Pen, pearl white
Mini Stylus Pen, red
Mini Stylus Pen, pearl white
Premium Stylus Pen, black
Premium Stylus Pen, silver
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