Abbrazzio. A unique and stylish range of European-designed IT accessories. Abbrazzio’s patented products are fun and innovative, with a classy and sophisticated style. In Italian, Abbrazzio means ‘to hug, or embrace’ – a concept which is at the heart of our design philosophy: to inspire, impress and reward.

Stand out from the crowd. Abbrazzio. Something to be proud of.

The Abbrazzio story

Abbrazzio is a German-designed range of IT accessories, which aims to fulfil market demand for a boutique brand at sensible prices. Our products are functional and clever, but offer style and sophistication to the busy professional. Everything we produce is designed in Germany, by people from within the IT Industry who know what demands modern life places on our accessories. We use top quality materials, and manufacturing standards that make our range stand out from the crowd. Many of our designs are patented, so you’ll never be confronted by cheap copies.

Abbrazzio is the missing piece in the IT Accessories market.
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